• For those still to young to ski, we have an exciting sledge slope near the Prà delle Nasse and the Kinderheim plants and the Kinderheim on Alpe Tognola.
  • For beginners: for the youngest the ski lift in Prà delle Nasse, for grownups the Rododendro, Baby, Conca and Scandola slopes in Tognola, at the Ces plants the Valboneta slope and the three-seater
  • For experts: red and black slopes for all tastes
  • For the bravest: the Colverde slope is also open at night, from 19:30, twice a week, 2600 meters of pure adrenaline!
  • For snowboarders: rails boxes, rainbows, boarder cross, ski-cross, multi-level jump, half pipe Junior and Timber line at the San Martino snowpark in Tognola, the Rolle Railz Park and the Snowpark at Colverde

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