The Panaveggio -Pale di San Martino Natural Park is a protected regional area created by the Autonomous Province of Trento in 1967 and extends mostly across mountain territory with heights that are generally above 1500 meters and covers a surface area of 19717.46 hectares.

The Park includes very different areas: it comprises the area in the Trentino region with the Pala Group, but also the eastern sector of the Lagorai Range, composed of magmatic rocks. Various valleys in the Primiero district are also included in the park: much of the Vanoi Valley, crossed by the Vanoi torrent and surrounded by the Lagorai mountains; the Canali Valley, area of access to the southern chain of the Pale di San Martino; the Venegia Valley located north of the Rolle Pass.

The extraordinary Pala Group is one of nine mountain ranges included in the natural assets recognized by Unesco as World Heritage.

The renowned Panaveggio spruce forest, also known as the violin forest, also extends within the territory of the Park.

The environment is full of all the species found in the Alps: deer, chamois, roe-deer, marmots, squirrels, foxes and badgers. Recently, the ibex has been reintroduced in high mountain areas. We strongly recommend that families visit the deer enclosure.