The numerous mountain lakes are excellent destinations for lovely walks and hikes through an unspoilt natural environment.

Lakes of Colbricon

  • From Malga Rolle by mule track (signposts No.14-348): elevation gain 30m, 0.45 hours, easy.
  • From Passo Rolle by trail through Cima Cavallazza: elevation gain 350m, elevation loss 400m, 3 hours, moderately difficult.
  • From Malga Ces by trail (signpost No. 14): elevation gain 260m, 2 hours, moderately difficult.

Lake Calaita

  • From San Martino (Campsite area) by forest road/trail (signpost No. 350): elevation gain 210m, 2.30 hours, easy.

Lake Welsperg

  • From Tonadico (Castelpietra power station) by the “Madonna della Luce” trail: elevation gain 300m, 1 hour, easy.